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Baby Buddy Pillow


Small baby buddy pillow designed to give your baby comfort and warm embrace from a loving mother.

Suitable: 12 – 30 months old babies

Material: 100% natural latex & Cotton casing for absolute comfort and healthy sleeping

Size: 17cm x 39cm

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Meet You’re Little One’s New Best Friend: The Baby Buddy Pillow Case

High-Quality Material

Introducing the Baby Buddy Pillowcase by Little Zebra. Made from the softest cotton, it promises to provide ultimate comfort for your baby’s delicate skin. Importantly, this pillowcase doesn’t just talk the talk; it walks the walk when it comes to quality and durability.

Comfort Beyond Compare with our Baby Buddy Pillowcase

Little Zebra understands the importance of providing your baby with nothing but the best. Therefore, we’ve designed this pillowcase with their comfort in mind. Your baby will enjoy restful sleep nestled against the Baby Buddy’s soft, welcoming surface. The cozy feeling this pillowcase offers is akin to a warm embrace, which aids in providing a sense of security to your little one.

Ease of Cleaning

Besides being the epitome of comfort and quality, the Baby Buddy Pillow Case shines in another essential aspect – it’s easy to clean. As parents, we know that convenience matters just as much as comfort, and that’s exactly what this pillowcase delivers. Most importantly, you can easily remove and machine wash the case, ensuring that your baby’s pillow is always fresh and clean.

Versatile Design

Our Baby Buddy Pillow Case boasts a versatile design, fitting most standard baby pillows. It ensures that you can keep using the Baby Buddy Pillow Case even as your baby’s pillow size changes.

An Investment for Your Baby’s Future with our Baby Buddy Pillowcase

While the upfront cost might seem a bit higher than other pillowcases in the market, the Baby Buddy Pillow Case from Little Zebra is truly a long-term investment for your baby’s comfort and well-being. With this in mind, choosing the Baby Buddy Pillow Case is not just a purchase but a wise decision for your baby’s comfort and your peace of mind.

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Little Zebra products are made 100% from Natural Latex, which means it’s chemical-free, safe for babies with allergies and also does not promote mold growth. 

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Highly Comfortable

Soft yet firm, luxurious feel with 100% natural cotton casing help you fall asleep faster and go into persistent sleep longer.

Trusted By Over 1000+ Happy Parents And Kids

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