Health Pillow

No More Stiff Necks & Aching Bodies.
Wake Up Happier & Healthier.

Meet the new Little Zebra Latex Health Pillow. It’s comfortable, hypoallergenic and extremely breathable. And it provides constant neck, spinal support no matter your sleeping positions. That’s the most beautiful part.

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The new Little Zebra Health Pillow is made entirely with 100% natural Talalay latex, which means more resilience, more comfortable and more luxurious.

Optimal Neck Support and Spinal Alignment

Designed by Spinal Specialist, Dr Gary Tho, the cervical design allows the Little Zebra Pillow to conform to your neck’s curves more completely and offer the best therapeutic posture to promote optimal spinal alignment.

Highly Adaptable

Great for different sleeping positions and preference. Adaptable dual-side design allowed pillow usage for back, side sleepers and people with different preference.

  • Higher curves are suitable for taller people and those who prefer extra height
  • Lower curve design for smaller frame people and back sleepers

Naturally Hypo-allergenic

Great for people with allergies since it is dust mite, mold and bacterial resistant to ensure a healthy sleeping environment – Smile and say “bye” to sniffles, itching eyes and congestion.

Amazingly Comfortable

Soft, luxurious and extremely breathable new air pockets design provides a cooler, drier and more comfy sleeping experience. It means you will fall asleep faster and go into persistent sleep longer.

Sweet dreams.

Highly Durable

Made with resilient Talalay latex and highest quality manufacturing process. The Little Zebra Health Pillow will not sag or lose its shape to give you a comfortable supportive sleep for 10 years and beyond.

We are confident in our product quality and also provide a 1-for-1 exchange warranty, should your pillow loses it’s shape within the first 2 years.