NEWCELL Pyjamas Set


NEWCELL is made from liqnocellulose from sustainably managed plantation. It is naturally moisture-wicking and biodegradable. It is soft, comfortable, and breathable.

The Temperature regulaing properties make it the perfect material for clothing in tropical and humid climates.

Double-stitched flatlock seams reinforce all seams for maximum stretch and extra comfort.

NEWCELL is an advanced technology product that contains all the properties you would want in a material.

4 colors and 6 sizes available.

Color – Coral; Sky; Olive and Pink

Size – 100; 110; 120; 130; 140; 150



Comfort and Quality Meet in Little Zebra’s NEWCELL Pyjamas Set

Little Zebra’s NEWCELL Pyjamas Set, created from NEWCELL, exemplifies what it means to combine comfort, quality, and hygienic. This advanced technical material ensures excellent sterility and comfort.

NEWCELL Material

The main feature of Little Zebra’s NEWCELL Pyjamas is the soft NEWCELL fabric. This material is Anti-bacterial; Anti-Odor; Anti-wrinkle and Ani-pilling.  It is not just super soft and super stretchable. Most importantly, it’s environmentally friendly. Therefore, when you choose this Pyjamas, you’re making a comfortable choice for your child and a responsible one for our planet.

Designed for Comfort

Besides the premium material, the comfort provided by these pyjamas set is unparalleled. Each set is carefully designed with a seamless construction. Double-stitched flatlock seams reinforce all seams for maximum stretch for extra comfort.   Additionally, the breathable nature of NEWCELL helps in temperature regulation, keeping your child cool during summer and warm in winter.

Stylish Children NEWCELL Pyjamas Set

Beyond comfort and quality, Little Zebra’s NEWCELL Pyjamas Set comes in an array of fun, vibrant colors and patterns. Therefore, there’s always a perfect set to match your child’s preferences. Along with this, we understand the importance of durability. That’s why our products retain their colors and shape even after countless washes.

Great Fit

We offer a variety of sizes to fit every child’s needs.  Also, our elastic bands for the pant are flexible and gentle, ensuring a snug but comfortable fit.

Why Choose Little Zebra’s NEWCELL Pyjamas Set?

Our Little Zebra’s NEWCELL Pyjamas Set isn’t just another piece of clothing. It’s a carefully crafted product designed with your child’s ultimate comfort and hygiene in mind. Because we prioritize quality, you can trust that these pyjamas sets will stand the test of time. NEWCELL is an advanced technology fabric that contains all the properties you would want in a material.

Little Zebra’s NEWCELL Pyjamas Sets the perfect blend of comfort, style, and quality. Most importantly, it’s pyjamas that your child will love to wear. Therefore, make the right choice with Little Zebra’s NEWCELL Pyjamas Set — where style meets comfort in the most delightful way and you may explore more of our products here.


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Coral, Olive, Sky, Pink


100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150


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  • Active antibacterial substances which has an inhibitory effect on bacteria, fungi, viruses and other microorganisms
  • NewCell antibacterial fibre can reduce body odour (such as sweat odour) and keep clothes clean and smelling fresh for longer
    They also provide anti-microbial preperties in a safe and effective way, improving the wearing experience


  • Eco-friendly manufacturing processes support a greener future
  • Carbon is removed from the environment by trees
  • Sustainably managed plantations maximise environmental benefits when harvested and replanted regularly
  • Factories have solar photovoltaic panels on rooftops and open spaces on site to generate natural energy


  • High performance yarns make NewCell an outstanding quality fabric with higher tenacity, pilling resistance and overall quality stability
  • Thanks to the extra fine yarn, NewCell is soft and smooth
  • Unlike fading and bleeding that an occur with traditional dyeing processes, these solution-dyed fibres never lose their lustre. NewCell’s colour is uniform and rich. Colour fastsness is good
  • It has characteristics of stable anti-deformation and fast wrinkle recovery. Provide good appearance at all time
  • Highly hygroscopic and odour resistant. No more odour after your child wake up. Keep fresh, cool and dry all days.
  • Long lasting


  • NewCell’s textile fibres are made from trees sourced
  • 100% Natural and envoirnmentally friendly
  • 100% Bio-degradable, 100% compostable
  • No added chemicals and synthetic materials
  • Absorb carbon dioxide and convert sunlight, water and carbon dioxide into lignocellulose
  • The material is carefully extracted from sustainable plantation and NOT from endangered forests

Soft Fabric For Your Lovely Child

Good Night Sleep

No more overnight bad ordor

Smooth & Sweet Dreams


3 colorsways
6 Sizes

With a ton of benefits for your child and your family, there’s really nothing much to lose.

✅ Soft & Smooth
✅ Anti-Bacterial
✅ Moisture Wicking
✅ Thermo-Regulating
✅ Not Stuffy
✅ Odour Resistant
✅ Strectchable
✅ Comfortable

Wait no more, Get New Cell Pajamas for your child now!

New Cell Pajamas Promise To You

If you’re still on the fence, no worries. Should you find any holes, broken, seams, wrong size etc in our New Cell Pajamas, just return them to us with your proofs of purchase and we’ll replace with a new one for free. No questions asked.


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NEWCELL Pyjamas Set